Monday, September 12, 2011

That is one UGLY chair!

I'm not a big yard sale person, but I think since I am starting a new love affair with refurbishing furniture that yard sales are going to become one of my new favorite things to do. So, I went to some yard sales over the weekend with my sister and found some pretty cool chairs. One for $2 and another for $5! We were pretty tickled. This is where are new adventures in reupholstering begin:

 Removing that Ugly Fabric!

Spray painted with Leather Brown color
Getting the cushion covered

Nail guns= FUN

Getting the seat ready

Sneak peek

The Fabric, which was on clearance for 2-something a yard! 


We also have my sisters chair too! It's not completely finished so when we get it finalized I will show it off too! It's evem more fabulous than mine!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Things I am loving..

     Normally I don't get into decorating too much. Mainly because to truly decorate to my hearts desire would cost me a fortune. Plus I don't really have a set style. I love the look of Tuscan Furniture. I would love to have room just devoted to this theme. But then all also love Bamboo Furniture.

     I found some great things on Become, which is another great online shopping site that compares prices for you, including this gorgeous chandelier:

GORGEOUS! Definitely loving the look! There is so much on Become! I especially love the Resource Center!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Head over to my NEW blog!!!

Willow blue is officially moving!! Head on over to Willow Blue Blog!!!

Special Thanks to my sister at Digital Jenny for her help!!

Mini Project :)

Here is a mini project I did Tuesday night. This was an failed attempt at a craft night with me and one of my sisters. We fully admit that we are craft challenged. We just try to keep up with our other sister who is much better at it than we are. :) However, here is my latest attempt:

Found an old picture frame at my parents house:)

All sanded and ready to paint

The color I chose (a mixture of 2 purples)

Painted (though I added another coat)

Added some cork board

Now I am just unsure what else to do with it! I may even go find a cute paper to put in it instead of the cork board. I want to do something cute though. When I get it figured out I will post the official end result. :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What SHE Wore Wedneday: September

Here is last Wednesdays outfit. She is getting better with matching. And don't you just love her tattoos? Markers have actually been banned from this place, but there is still one here and there that my little mischievous child manages to find. Resulting in lovely art work not just on herself, but on my walls. Mr. Clean anyone?

Its Hump Day!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Things that make you go..WOW!

So, I was trying to find a cute little project to do with felt so I've been doing lots of searches online. I was looking on Pinterest and found such a cute idea. Here is a picture:
How cute are those!!! But wait, you think that is the WOW? Oh MUST check out the blog these came from over at Snowy Bliss!! Then after you are finished "WOWing" at that, check out her cook Halloween themed cake!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Swagbucks Update September

Ok, since I have started Swagbucks I have done pretty good on there. I am not consistent with it all and I am sure if I spent a lot more time on there I would probably rack up! So far from earning swagbucks I have gotten 2 Amazon e-gift cards, each for $5! To me, that is great! For my first one I got my son a book from the Spiderwick series, and still had a dollar left! How? Buy used on Amazon!! I paid more for shipping than I did for the actual book. I got the book for a PENNY, then spent 3.99 shipping. (In all honesty I realize I could get that book even cheaper considering shipping at an actual thrift store, but hey, I still spent $0) For my second gift card I actually order my son the Spiderwick movie. :) For it the price was $1.01 and shipping was $2.98. Again, buy used!!! Now, this is my first time buying a used movie on Amazon,  so we will see how it goes. It was list as in Very Good condition. I know if I had just waited I could have traded for a higher valued gift card, but getting stuff in the mail makes my son happy so I figured, what the heck! So if you haven't, check out Swagbucks! Even if you just use it as your search engine, you can earn Swagbuck randomly! :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A site I must share!

Since Christmas is coming up (yes, the "C" word) I have been searching online for gift ideas. I came across a pretty great site that my Canadian friends I am sure will love during my search for Ipods. You can just click on the word Ipods and it will take you straight to it for you. Pretty much any Ipod or Mp player you could possibly be looking for, I have seen it on there. My son has really been wanting an Ipod for a while now so I think that will definitely be on his list.

What's cool about this site is that they compare the prices for you and then directs you to the appropriate store! How great is that! Happy Shopping everyone!

Halloween Trick or Treat Bag!!

Halloween has been on my mind pretty much since the beginning of August! I'm excited to get to decorate for not just Halloween, but for Fall. So during one of my searches online I came across these adorable bags on Craft Town:

I definitely plan to make these for my kids this year (and hopefully I make them good enough that they will hold up for a few years use) The only I will be doing differently is that I will make the hat, spider, and whatever else I decide to add, out of felt and attach them. 


You need: Sackcloth, scissors, thread and needle, rope, Halloween motifs
How to: From the sackcloth cut a rectangular piece big enough to form the front, the bottom and the back of the bag . Be careful to cut on the same thread on the whole length, so it will not stretch wrong. Cut 2 more pieces as high as you want your bag to be and sew them on the sides with the bigger one. At the top fold it inside so it will look nice.

Make the handles from rope and sew them at the both sides of the top.
Attach the Halloween motifs by sewing them or with glue if you think they will hold.
Now go trick or treating!