Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What SHE Wore Wedneday: September

Here is last Wednesdays outfit. She is getting better with matching. And don't you just love her tattoos? Markers have actually been banned from this place, but there is still one here and there that my little mischievous child manages to find. Resulting in lovely art work not just on herself, but on my walls. Mr. Clean anyone?

Its Hump Day!


  1. Hi!

    Thanks for stopping by the hop! I am following back! How old is your little one. Mine is two, we got one on the way too. What a cute outfit! Markers are banned in our house too as well as crayons for right now. My little guy has a doodle pad he can draw on with a water pen, thats it! Magic eraser seems to take the paint off my walls and mine aren't white. They are a caramel brown or burnt rose red in the living room. Not gonna chance it anymore! ;)

    Heather From and Mommy Only Has 2 Hands!

  2. She is to stinking cute! My little one had this thing about coloring the bottom of her feet...the entire bottom. Drove me nuts!

    Found you via CM and now following. So glad to meet you.