Monday, September 5, 2011

Swagbucks Update September

Ok, since I have started Swagbucks I have done pretty good on there. I am not consistent with it all and I am sure if I spent a lot more time on there I would probably rack up! So far from earning swagbucks I have gotten 2 Amazon e-gift cards, each for $5! To me, that is great! For my first one I got my son a book from the Spiderwick series, and still had a dollar left! How? Buy used on Amazon!! I paid more for shipping than I did for the actual book. I got the book for a PENNY, then spent 3.99 shipping. (In all honesty I realize I could get that book even cheaper considering shipping at an actual thrift store, but hey, I still spent $0) For my second gift card I actually order my son the Spiderwick movie. :) For it the price was $1.01 and shipping was $2.98. Again, buy used!!! Now, this is my first time buying a used movie on Amazon,  so we will see how it goes. It was list as in Very Good condition. I know if I had just waited I could have traded for a higher valued gift card, but getting stuff in the mail makes my son happy so I figured, what the heck! So if you haven't, check out Swagbucks! Even if you just use it as your search engine, you can earn Swagbuck randomly! :)

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