Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Brad's New School Adventure

So Monday my son Brad started 4th grade.  From K-3rd he went to the same school and this year he started a new school. Needless to say he was very nervous. I was nervous and stressed for him. Just seeing his anxiety broke my heart. So on Monday I was pleasantly surprised that he was up and ready to get to school! He even rushed me. (Which resulted in him getting to school way earlier than necessary) So that calmed my own nerves for him. However, when he got in the car after school he didn't have as good a day as I had hoped he would. There were just a few things that were different from his past school that he wasn't expecting. He also was too shy to try to make friends. When asked to grade his day, he gave it a C. :(

So yesterday (Tuesday), I was nervous for him again. I got him to school at a better time. I gave him a mission to ask one of the boys whose name he had mentioned what he did over the summer. I went home worrying. But when he got in the car he was a much happier boy. I asked him what grade school got and he immediately said A! He proceeded to tell me about his new friends. YAY!! And he couldn't wait for today! Today they started music! And his new friend played something that he wanted. lol Today got an A+! Woohoo!! This school is actually going to just have so many more activities for him and better opportunities to do things he is interested in. The big difference in this school compared to his old school is that it was K-12 and this school is K-5. So instead of focusing on High School Athletics and etc, things are geared towards my sons interests! Big A++ from me!

Here he is in all his First Day of School cuteness!

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  1. hi im brad and ive made some freands. i was nervous at first but now im happy to go to weatherly.