Friday, August 5, 2011

Crafty Goodness

First off, I didn't do my Think about it Thursday blog. :( Honestly, I have been just so stressed that I just decided not to bother with it. But today I will share one that has always been a favorite.

Now, to my crafy goodness part. I keep looking and looking on Pinterest for new things to do. I see so many!! This week I have decided on the one I want to do. It won mainly because I already have the supplies to do it. Doesn't hurt that I've been wanting to do it for a while now. :)

I think these are so cute!!! The idea/tutorial can be found at Family Chic. I haven't decided on my word or the color I will use. I am thinking I will do several. I just worry about get the yarn to stay on there. Since I am actually craft challenged I figure that will take me a minute to figure out. lol I see alot of crafts that I want to do actually that look so awesome and neat, but I often wonder "yeah, but in my home is that gonna look so cool?" So I think I am just gonna get over it and do them anyway!! Stay tuned!

Oh, and I have actually started dreaming that I am an awesomely crafty person. My latest dream has actually made me really want something...So this is on my "GIMME THAT" list:

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