Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What a week, and it's just Wednesday...

First off, my husband woke me up late Monday night (actually it was probably already Tuesday morning) to look at a spider. We were certain it was a brown recluse. Talk about freaking out. So, that kept me up for a while. Once I finally got some sleep though I was able to look at the spider more clearly and realized that it probably wasn't a brown recluse. I had to actually take a good picture of it with my camera so that I could get a good look at it and there was no fiddle on the back like recluses have. But still I was already freaked out so needless to say, pest control will be here tomorrow. I also found an entomologist online that I email the picture to so I could confirm it wasn't anything bad. (I know, I'm a dork.)

So Tuesday I spent doing a lot of cleaning and checking corners for spiders, etc. I still need to finish up my bedroom which is always a work in progress. Tuesday nights have also been appointed our grocery shopping nights. I hate grocery shopping. For one, my daughter is a nut. I have to say for me, girls are MUCH harder than boys. My son has never acted like my daughter does in a store. She doesn't want to sit in the buggy, wants to walk, proceeds to hop down the aisle, but if you aren't careful the next second she is giving you "that look" and take off. I have got to come up with a game plan for how to successfully shop with this child. Part of the problem last night was that she was wore out. She usually still naps for a little bit during the day, but yesterday she did not. So she was not fun during our shopping trip. She fell asleep very quickly after we got home and ate.

So today I don't want to do anything but something I want to do. (yeah right) Although I have to do light housework and technically "finish" my bedroom. Maybe I'll find a quick craft on Pinterest and do it. I am looking forward to Big Brother coming on TV tonight (yes, I watch "reality" shows) Then tomorrow I get to sit around and wait on the pest control guy to show up and hope that he shows up BEFORE we have to go to my sons school for open house. I'm excited about that, I have several questions for his teacher. Can't believe my son starts back to school on Monday!!

The weekend unfortunately I have to do more of what I We have to get my son some new clothes for school. We've decided that we are going to do it later in the afternoon since this weekend is the tax holiday and EVERYONE will be out shopping. We figure there will be more people out early than later in the day. Of course we know there will still be lots of people out, but just hoping it will be more calm by the time we head out. lol  We will probably avoid Walmart altogether and got all of my sons school supplies on Sunday. Paying the $5.56 in tax was worth not being able to get down aisles and being pushed around. Plus we don't want to spend money eating out somewhere so we are planning around lunch and supper. lol So I am actually looking forward to Sunday and Monday..cuz that means this crazy week will be done with. Oh well, off to see if Pinterest can inspire me...