Friday, July 1, 2011

Beach Bound Baby!!!

As soon as my husband gets home from work we are beach bound!! I am excited about it because it is my daughter's FIRST time going to the beach and my son has been dying to go! The trip came unexpectedly thanks to my sister. :) However, I am so not looking forward to the drive. I figure once you calculate pit stops, we will get there about 1am. UGH...and I am doing all the driving. I planned on napping today but that just did not happen. I had to go renew our car tags, stopped and got some beach toys, and my house still needed picking up due to my procrastination yesterday. The good thing is that I pack days ago. I just had to get it all out and into the car. Which is halfway done right now due to the fact that it is ridiculously HOT. I am hoping to be on the road at 6:00pm. I love going to the beach, I just hate all it takes to get there. Hopefully I will have some awesome pictures to share with everyone. If I can get at least one great picture of my own children I will be a happy woman. But my children never cooperate with me it seems. I think most of my time will be spent trying to keep my daughter from swimming away. She loves to swim and I just know she is going to love the water!! Pretty much the plans are just to bum at the beach and pools. I'm taking a flashlight and some buckets so that we can catch some crabs on the beach at night. Will share some pictures soon. :)

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