Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rule of Thumb

First off, sorry for no entries the last few days. I didn't do Monday Monventure because I was stuck at home. My sister, who live about 2hours away accidentally took them home with her. lol And then yesterday I just had so much to do.

Anyway. So, my daughter is a thumb sucker. The first time she discovered her thumb I thought "Oh how cute, but I'm glad it's not a regular thing". I even posted a picture of it on Facebook. Here is the picture:
Cute right? Well now my daughter is 2 and I have the dilema of trying to figure out how in the world to stop her from sucking her thumb!! My son took a paci. Getting him to stop was so easy. I threw it in the garbage and told him my sisters' dog ate it and that was it. I even tried to reintroduce a paci to my daughter early on, but she refused. Now I'm just worried that I am going to have a daughter who still sucks her thumb when she is 5. (or older!) For me, a last resort would be putting anything on her thumb. I just don't like that idea. :( She does it alot when she is tired, but she will also do it if she is sitting and watching something. This is going to be such a hard habit to break. UGH.

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