Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fun Fun Fun!

Yesterday was one of my nephews birthday party. We had a blast!! Let me tell you what I learned...
Me+Water Slides= DISASTER! lol Ok, I went down several times and had a blast. But the last time I did..WAS.NOT.GOOD. Let me just say I know have scraped up elbows and a scraped knee. And the way I fell into the water, touching the bottom of the shallow pool, I thought I was being ripped into pieces. BUT it was so much fun before all of that! And I have to say, my sister came out alot worse than I did. She has the same scrapes but she also came out with a know at her eye. I'm wondering if it has turned blue this morning. I'll be heading over there soon to sand and paint a stand she found for me to use for my tv. Here are a few pictures of my son and of the water slides:

This really was a fun place and I only found out it was even in Hunstville in the last couple of months. There is also a area for toddlers and a poll that is about 3ft deep. And indoors there is a rock climbing wall, bumper cars, numerous games, and etc. Oh, and mini golf. So it is a really great place to take the kids! It's called  Southern Adventures. SO MUCH FUN!

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