Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oh Today, you are NOT my friend...

Or is it Oh apartment stairs, I hate you. My plans for today included taking some Engagement portraits of my cousin Ryan and his gorgeous fiance Shaina. They had never been to our new place before so I was kinda keeping watch out the window for them. I spot them and he calls my phone at the same time. My phone, being a picky little android, was having a moment and just refused to let me answer so I RUSH down my apartment stairs so I can let them in. Now, my husband and I have have prior discussions about leaving our lights to  our stairs on because we have both missed the bottom step. So, you see where this is going. Not only did I miss that bottom step..but I MISSED that bottom step...bad. Honestly on the way down I was concerned that I was going to break my neck. Several things went through my mind and out of my mouth..I actually really hope the neighbor didn't hear. So I landed very badly on my foot. It's not broken because I did grin and bear it and limp through the portraits. BUT this hurts very bad and now after not taking care of it all day, I can not walk. I was able to limp before but I had my husband help me off of the couch and got up wrong and now it hurts worse than in did a few hours ago. Which suck because I really REALLY need to run to the grocery store.

I am at least tickled with the portraits. :)

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