Thursday, July 14, 2011


So, today I got to thinking about Halloween and the fact that it is not that far away. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love having my children dress up and seeing other little kids dressed up all cute. My son is 9, he stopped being fun to dress a few years ago. Meaning, he wanted to be things like a zombie or and ugly ghoul. No more cutesy costumes for him. His first Halloween he was a cow. Now my daughter has only had 2 Halloweens so far. Her first she was a "flower". She was just 4 months old and I really waited til the lst minute and just never found her anything better. Last year she was a baby chick. I'm excited to try to come up with ideas for their costumes this year. (oh and mine, I used to always dress as a witch, but I've been a clown the past 2 years)

So, I'm think that I just might crochet my daughter a Strawberry shortcake hat and make her a yarn wig. Then I will just have to find the rest of the outfit. I found a blog that has a cute hat like I want here: I just am not sure if she has a pattern for it yet or not. (will be looking into that soon)

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